Structural Pest Control

Keeping insects down AND out!
Green and Clean offers control of mosquitoes and other outdoor insect pests. From a single treatment for a big outdoor party to monthly scheduled treatments, we can make your outdoor living space safer, more comfortable and livable.

We all know how unpleasant an evening on the deck or patio with guests can be when the mosquitoes seem to be everywhere and biting everyone. But mosquito and spider bites also represent health threats – from transmitting diseases to inflaming allergies.

There are some precautions we suggest for avoiding mosquitoes. The most important is to avoid areas of standing water on your property which mosquitoes need to breed. If you have a bird bath, try to clean it out at least once per week, or install a small bubbling pump to keep it circulating.

Our mosquito treatments can be scheduled for a quick, temporary “knock down” or an on-going control program. To keep spiders, mosquitoes and lawn insects down, contact us today!