Lawn Care

Man with Fertilizer Spreader
With Green & Clean, the grass can be greener on your side of the fence. We know what lawns in our area need to look and grow their best, and we can help you achieve (and keep) the dream lawn you’ve always wanted.

In this area of northwestern Illinois, the Green & Clean Four-Application Program delivers everything needed to keep your lawn thick, healthy and practically weed-free. Below is a brief description of our lawn program. Don’t pay for more than you need! Some firms want to invoice you six, seven or even eight times per year. With Green & Clean, if you should have any concerns or problems between applications, we’ll be happy to provide a FREE service call to correct any issues. Four treatments does the job!

Our Lawn Care Program

Application #1: Spring/Late SpringDuring this treatment we apply crabgrass and foxtail control and give special attention to areas along drives, walks and other pavement which are the usual “hot-spots” where these weed pests seem to do so well. In addition, we apply a heavy application of a lawn-balanced fertilizer.
Application #2: Late Spring/Early SummerDuring this treatment we really zero in on dandelions and other “broadleaf” weeds, including clover, spurge, purslane, wild violets and over a hundred others. And, as in the first application, we apply a second heavy treatment of a correctly lawn-balanced fertilizer.
Application #3: SummerFor summer, we target the hard-to-kill summer weeds along with applying a safe liquid summer fertilization.
Application #4: FallOur job with this application is to help prepare your lawn for winter and to assure a great spring. Your lawn makes better use of fertilizer in the fall and early winter than at any other time of the season. Because top growth slows down, the lawn’s roots begin to build up and spread, giving you a thicker lawn. For this, we apply a heavy application of root-building winterizing fertilizer. At the same time we check for and treat any late-season weeds.