Automatic Irrigation Head

Green and Clean can deliver complete in-ground, automatic, trouble-free irrigation systems and services. If you’re tired of lugging hoses and getting wet, or of seeing your lawn go from springtime green to mid-summer brown, consider one of our total irrigation services.

Our services include complete system design, which accounts for your available water pressure and flow rate to properly determine how many circuits you’ll need and how many sprinkler heads on each circuit. We can also show you and explain your options for watering shrubs and landscape plantings.

We also provide complete installation services that leave your property virtually untouched. We completely test, program and train you on how to use your new system.

Some homeowners elect to install their irrigation in the front and side yards first and to add the back yard later.

Clean and Green is also available for all types of system repairs, as well as spring start-ups and fall winterizations.