Don’t Get Fooled In 2020

We talked to quite a few customers and potential customers in 2019. Some of our competitors are telling people that they will come and spray their yard for a low rate per application. Then, they will come out and make 6 or more applications a year.

Our Four Step Lawn Treatment Program is just that, four applications a year. When you use Green and Clean Lawn Services to treat your yard for weeds, you will know exactly what the total is going to be. We don’t bait anyone in by offering the “lowest price in town” and then charge them for twice as many applications as they need.

In four steps, we will provide your lawn with enough fertilizer and treatments to help keep your lawn green and clean all year long.

If you’ve ever thought about having your lawn treated, now is the time. Give us a call, message us on Facebook, read some of our customer reviews, or talk to one of our current customers. We think we have the best lawn treatment program in the area. Call today.

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